Who's this girl?

Product Marketing | B2B & B2C Marketing | Artisanal Keycaps Maker | Design Thinker

As a member of the Gen Z squad, I'm all about fun marketing and design. I studied Marketing with a Minor in Digital Media, and graduated with second class honours in 2021. When I found myself with some extra time during the covid lockdown back in my final year of undergrad, I poured all that energy into creating my very own artisanal keycaps brand — and that journey has continued to this day, filled with fun and adventure. I'm so excited to see where this passion takes me next!

I'm also a hamster lover and have been keeping those little cuties as pets since I was 14. Right now, I've got a sweet pudding hamster named Teh Peng (aka Iced Milk Tea, because his fur is brown). It's also not all fun and games for me - I also take my health seriously, and try to hit the streets for a jog at least twice a week. After all, health is wealth!

And when I'm not running or hanging with my furry pal, I've got a whole list of hobbies to keep me busy - fishing, 9-ball pool, rollerblading, bowling, and illustrating.

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