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UX Research

Research Team

Under the wings of User Experience Center (UXC), this project aimed to develop a persona and enhance the user experience for individuals entering and exiting Jewel Changi. Throughout the attachment period in 2015, we conducted a STEEP analysis, short interviews with passers-by, and observation studies at various tourist attractions in Singapore to assess and comprehend the service standards. Additionally, we conducted in-depth user interviews with different groups of travelers, leading to the creation of a persona for Jewel Changi visitors. A comprehensive report documenting the research and analysis was produced to guide Jewel Changi in creating an optimal user experience.

This project served as a valuable opportunity for self-development and allowed me to apply my design thinking skills. While pursuing my studies, I eagerly joined this team to further enhance my abilities and contribute to the project's success.

  • Design thinking
  • User Experience Research