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Artisan Keycaps

Art Crafts & E-Commerce

The journey started back in 2021 when the Covid lockdown was in place and I was in my last year of undergraduate studies. With extra time on my hands and a deep admiration for artisan keycaps, I took the opportunity to try my hand at making them myself since I didn't have much money as a university student. Surprisingly, I successfully developed it from an experimental phase into a self-sustaining hobby that eventually evolved into a small business runned. Special thanks to my partner who helps me with the technical aspects of the business (e.g. website, hosting and database).

Throughout these processes, I have not only established my own brand identity, but also designed customised packaging for klaykaps. Additionally, I have built a loyal community of supporters who are fans of my creations. I must admit that this journey has been incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

In addition to my creative endeavors, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on society by actively participating in fundraiser events by donating my keycaps. Specifically, I have contributed to SOSD, an organization that supports dogs living in shelters, and Mechs For Ukraine, a fundraising initiative to provide assistance to those affected by the Ukraine war. Giving back to the community and supporting causes that promote animal welfare and aid those in need aligns with my values and commitment to social responsibility.

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Development
  • Customer RS Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design & Marketing
  • UX Design
  • Web Design